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Bellow Seal Globe Valve and Ordinary Globe Valve

secureluokai August 22, 2021

Bellow seal globe valve and ordinary globe valve has the following performance differences: 1. Double seal design (corrugated pipe + packing): If the corrugated pipe fails, the stem packing will also help prevent leakage and meets the international sealing standards. 2. No fluid loss: bellow seal globe valve helps reduce..

Wafer type butterfly valve with electric actuator

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Performance Advantages

secureluokai April 16, 2021

Wafer type  butterfly valve performance advantages is that its disc is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. When the rotation is 90°, the valve is fully open. The wafer..