Wafer Butterfly Valve Installation Instructions

blog-detail-user.pngsecureluokai blog-details-artical-img1April 16, 2021

Wafer butterfly valve installation instructions includes how to install the wafer butterfly valve in the piping. Wafer butterfly valve is normally mounted horizontally between two flanges of the pipe. 
1. Preparations before installation:
1) Check whether the specifications and materials of the wafer butterfly valve conform to the design before installation.
2) Clean the internal dust, foreign matters and debris before installation to avoid malfunction or leakage.
3) Before installation, the relevant piping should be properly suspended and fixed according to the regulations to avoid undue stress on the valve after installation.
4) The two flange faces of the pipe must be aligned, parallel and concentric.
5) No additional gaskets need to be added between the butterfly valve and the flange during installation.
6) In the connections among the butterfly valve, the check valve or the pump, the expansion joint is used between the two so that the valve disc can move freely when closing.
2. Installation steps:
1) Open the valve disc 10 degrees before installation. (Same operation before disassembly)
2) Set the auxiliary screws at the appropriate positions to adjust the distance between the two flanges.
3) Insert all remaining bolts and ensure no contact with two flanges of the butterfly valve.
4) After confirming that the butterfly valve and the flange are concentric, and the valve disc switch position and the inner diameter of the flange or the adjacent parts are obstructed, the bolts are repeatedly locked in a diagonally progressive manner until the flange contacts the end face of the valve body.
5) After installation, the full opening and closing should be confirmed again.
3. Operations:
1) Before starting the operation, blow air to remove the foreign objects in the piping, and clean the inside of the piping with clean water.
2) Open the valve to view the angle indicator to avoid turning beyond the opening width and closing position.
3) The operation of the switch is completely subject to the indicator. If other hand tools are used to apply force, the angle indicator and the switch will be damaged.
4) During the piping pressure test, the valve should be opened.
5) After the piping, the valve is in the fully closed state for a long time, and the switching on/off should be done 1~2 times a month to avoid the fixation.
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