Drinking Water Resilient Seated Gate Valve

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Drinking water resilient seated gate valve is the exclusive rising stem rubber seated gate valve for drinking water is used for the main pipeline for the drinking water transmission, i.e. the domestic water pipeline. The valve body is coated with the green and environment friendly non-toxic epoxy resin, which can prevent corrosion and rust of the valve body. The inner and outer surfaces of the gate disc are completely covered with non-toxic food class rubber, which can be used for direct drinking.

General gate valves circulating in the market have such shortages as water leakage and easy to get rusty. The gate valve with resilient seated manufactured by our company based on the advanced foreign technology has overcome such deficiencies as poor sealing performance, elastic fatigue and easy to get rusty of the common gate valve. The gate valve with rubber seal is the latest-generation product, which can display better sealing effect because of the compensation of the micro deformation of the elastic gate disc. The valve has such advantages as easy opening/closing, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and long service life. It can be widely used in the fluid pipelines as regulating and shut-off devices for tap water, sewage, construction, food, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, textile, and energy systems, etc.
The gate valve for drinking water is featured with 8 advantages:
1. Flat bottom valve seat: Usually after water flushing, the bottom groove of the traditional gate valve will trap such foreign matters as stones, wood pieces, cement, paper scraps and debris, which easily causes water leakage arising of the tightening failure. The bottom of the flexible sealing gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe, which will not easily trap the debris so that the fluid runs smoothly.
2. Overall rubberization: The flexible seated gate valve uses high-quality rubber for the whole inner and outer rubberization. The domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology enables the vulcanized valve to have accurate geometrical dimensions. The rubber and ductile iron valve are reliably secured. Apart from being not easy to fall off, it has good elastic memory.
3. Corrosion resistance: The resilient seated gate valve body is coated with powder epoxy resin to prevent corrosion and rust of the valve body. It can also be used in sewage systems.
4. Not easy to break: Traditional iron gate valves will rupture due to impact, collision or overlap of foreign objects. However, the body made of ductile iron will help greatly reduce the aforesaid problems.
5. Triple O-ring: The rising stem gate valve stem uses a triple O ring design. It can reduce the frictional resistance during opening/closing. Apart from significant reduction of water leakage, it can secure replacement of the seal ring without stopping the water.
6. Be conducive to direct drinking: The inside of the valve body of the resilient seated gate valve is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin. The inner and outer surfaces of the gate valve are completely covered with rubber without producing rusty water or corrosion. It’s therefore directly drinkable.
7. Precision casting valve body: The valve body is precision casting, and the precise geometry can secure the sealing performance of the valve without any refined machining.
8. Light weight: The non-rising stem gate valve body is made of ductile casting, and the weight is reduced by about 20% to 30% compared with the traditional gate valve. It is convenient for maintenance.
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