Bellow Seal Globe Valve and Ordinary Globe Valve

blog-detail-user.pngsecureluokai blog-details-artical-img1August 22, 2021

Bellow seal globe valve and ordinary globe valve has the following performance differences:
1. Double seal design (corrugated pipe + packing): If the corrugated pipe fails, the stem packing will also help prevent leakage and meets the international sealing standards.
2. No fluid loss: bellow seal globe valve helps reduce energy losses and improve equipment safety.
3. Long service life: bellow seal globe valve reduces the number of maintenance and operating costs.
4. Firm and durable corrugated pipe seal design ensures zero leakage of the valve stem and provides maintenance-free conditions.
5. The gas medium valve seat adopts PTFE soft sealing material to improve the sealing of the valve.
6. The valve seat resists high temperature ≤ 425℃ and adopts a tapered hard seal. Its airtight performance achieves zero leakage.
With the rising labor costs, more and more enterprises expect to cut the labor cost. Such corrugated pipe American standard globe valve facilitates the opening/closing, apart from longer service life and better sealing performance. We have the reason to believe that its development will be much better in future.
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