2W Zero Differential Pressure Solenoid Valve Normal Closed

3/8″~2″ (10~50mm)
Brass, S.S.304

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2W Zero Differential Pressure Solenoid Valve Normal Closed Type Descriptions

2W zero differential pressure solenoid valve normal closed is one type of solenoid valve whose on-off is acted by electromagnetism, which is also called electromagnetic valve. The solenoid valve is one basic automatic component, which is belong to actuator, but not limited to hydraulic or pneumatic. It is used in the industrial system to adjust the mediums direction, flow, speed and other technical parameters. According to its working principle, the solenoid valve can be divided into direct acting solenoid valve, semi-direct acting solenoid valve and pilot operated solenoid valve. Flowspec Luokai can manufacture the 2W zero differential pressure solenoid valve normal closed with brass and stainless steel materials.


  • Diaphragm structure
  • Semi direct acting (Normal Closed)
  • Compact design, nice
  • No noise, zero leakage
  • Fast action, high frequency
  • German technology, reliable quality
  • Simple system, easy connected with computer, low-cost


  • Threaded ends: G, NPT, BSPT, Rp, Rc
  • Flanged ends: ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS


  • Working pressure: 0~10bar (details see specification table)
  • Size: 3/8″~2″ (DN10~50mm)
  • Materials: brass, S.S.304
  • Voltage: AC220 ~ 240VAC, 110VAC, 24VAC 50/60Hz, DC24V, DC12V IP65 H degree (iron seal coil: IP54 B degree)
  • Applicable medium: water, liquids, air, light oil (viscosity≤20cst)
  • Applicable temperature: 0℃~+80℃ (higher temperature is available upon request)


  • Cleaning equipment
  • Food equipment
  • Fire fighting
  • Environment water treatment
  • Burner
  • Solar power
  • Medical equipment

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