Type L Water Tank Flow Control Float Valve

S.S.304, S.S.316

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Type L Water Tank Flow Control Float Valve Stainless Steel

Type L Water Tank Flow Control Float Valve is a type of stainless steel threaded ends floating valve, which floats on the tray and changes its opening as the gas flow rate changes. The float valve is part of the tower internals and the float valve is provided with three claws. Type L Water Tank Flow Control Float Valve tray is provided with many circular holes, each of which is equipped with a valve disc with three legs. Type L Water Tank Flow Control Float Valve is threaded ends normally, and with materials of stainless steel 304 and s.s.316 according to different mediums.
There are many types of floating valves, including circular type float valve, strip angle type float valve, threaded floating valve and flanged floating valve.
Flowspec Luokai can manufacture and supply Type L Water Tank Flow Control Float Valve threaded ends with sizes of 1/2”~2” and materials of stainless steel 304/316. Just feel free to contact us now to get best prices. 30 years of experience. High quality. Big stock. Fast delivery.  


There are many holes on the float valve tower, all equipped with a valve on each hole, when there is no rise in vapor phase, the float valve is closed on the plate; when there is a vapor phase rise, float valve opens up impacted by the steam flow, and open degree increases along with the increase of the amount of vapor phase, rising vapor phase through the valve hole, in the floating to horizontal dispersion under the action of valve plates. Bubbling through the liquid layer, it makes a good contact with gas-liquid to achieve the ideal effect of heat and mass transfer.


  • Water tower
  • Farm plant
  • Water storage tank
  • Water supply device


  • Sizes: 1/2″~2″
  • Media: water
  • Material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316
  • Applicable pressure: ≤0.8MPa
  • Applicable temperature: 0℃~+100℃
  • Threaded ends: ASME B1.20.1, BS21, DIN2999, ISO228/1
  • Test standard: MSS SP-110, QB/T 1199-1991

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