QT4 IN Integral Part Turn Valve Electric Actuator

AC 220V, AC380V
90° Part Turn
Integral Type

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QT4 IN Integral Part Turn Valve Electric Actuator Descriptions

QT4 IN integral part turn valve electric actuator is suitable for ball valve, butterfly valve and air door. It is combined by QT4 IN part turn electric actuator and JA part turn reducer. It is the new generation upgrade valve electric actuator. QT4 IN/JS integral part turn valve electric actuator is normally equipped with 90° turn valves, such as butterfly valve, ball valve and plug valve. It is die-casting aluminum, which features with small size, nice appearance, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability, high protection, low noise. It can be operated on site or remote control. QT4 IN/JS integral quarter turn electric actuator is used widely in the field of petroleum, chemical, power plant, water treatment, paper making. QT4 IN/JS integral part turn electric actuator protection class is IP67, and IP68 can be produced especially. We can produce QT Integral (QT.IN), QT Integral Modulating, QT Explosion proof (QT.Ex (ExdIIBT4) and QT Integral Explosion proof (QT.Ex.IN) according to the customer’s requirements. Flowspec Luokai can manufacture and supply the QT4 IN integral part turn valve electric actuator with voltage of AC220V-1Ph-50Hz, AC380V-3Ph-50Hz. 
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  • Small volume
  • Nice appearance
  • Light weight
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • High protection
  • Low noise


  • Model: QT4 / JS
  • Voltage: AC220V-1Ph-50Hz, AC380V-3Ph-50Hz
  • Power: 0.01kW ~ 0.2kW
  • Protection class: IP67 or IP68
  • Rotary angle: 0 ~ 90°
  • Materials: aluminium die-casting
  • Explosion class: Ex dII BT4

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