FPC Flexible Multi-function Pipe Coupling

Ductile Iron

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FPC Flexible Multi-function Pipe Coupling Descriptions

FPC flexible multi-function pipe coupling can be applicable to wide range of pipe sizes, and even more can connect the pipes whose OD difference reaches to 24mm. The stainless steel barrel and ductile iron end cap of FPC-S flexible multi-function pipe coupling have outstanding tensile strength and anti-corrosion, which can fit all the loads no matter in the installation or during the use.  FPC flexible multi-function pipe coupling is provided with M16 bolts, which can be mounted onto the pipes quickly and easily without dismounting. It can be mounted onto irregular and deformed pipes (Pipe deviation ≤3°). Although the pipe connection place removes a little because of pipe expansion or shrink, the pipe coupling will not leak. The epoxy coating of it is approved with NSF certificate, which can last for long time, have excellent anti-corrosion performance and wide temperature range, is not easy to be damaged during the transportation. Flowspec Luokai can manufacture and supply the FPC flexible multi-function pipe coupling according to standard of AS4181-2013, AWWA with sizes of 80A-600A mm. Welcome to contact us for detailed information and best quotes if you have any questions or inquiries.


  • More economic according to mechanical connector;
  • Anti-corrosion is as good as ductile iron pipes;
  • Save installation space.


  • Complies with AS4181-2013, AWWA (other sizes available upon request) 


  • Working pressure: ≤16bar
  • Size: 80A-600A (other sizes available upon request)
  • Materials: ductile iron
  • Pressure testing: 1.5 x PB


  • Applicable pipe: crude oil pipeline, gas pipeline, natural gas pipeline, water supply & drainage pipeline, fuel oil pipeline, airline pipeline, automobile pipeline, lubricating oil pipeline, sludge pipeline, suction pipeline, water power pipeline, sea water pipeline, fresh water pipeline, turbine pipeline, air conditioning pipeline, fire fighting pipeline, ventilation pipeline, compressed air pipeline
  • Applicable field: surface pipe, underground engineering, ship building, offshore oil platform, water supply, coal gas supply, natural gas supply, power, industries, sewage treatment & maintenance
  • Applicable temperature: -20℃~+80℃

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