Bellows Angle Valve

PN16 / PN25 / PN40
Iron, Steel, S.S.

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Bellows Angle Valve Product Information

Bellows angle valve can solve one of the most frequent and serious problems that valve faces with is stem gland packing leakage, which results in wasted and increased downtime for the factory. Apart from the high cost of energy losses, gland leakages can also cause serious environmental, ecological and health hazards to factory workers. The leakage of sensitive materials can also constitute to the fire hazard, explosion, or damage to equipment by corrosive materials. If the leaked air enters into the pipeline, it could produce inflammable explosive or poisonous mixtures. Gland packed valve often requires continual maintenance in accessibility creating particular difficulties. The angle type bellows globe valves are widely applicable to working conditions of high temperatures, withstanding over 10,000 cycles without failure. Flowspec Luokai can manufacture and supply the bellows angle valve according to the standard of DIN 3356 with the sizes of 1/2″~16″ (DN15~DN400mm). Contact us today. Get the better prices. 30 years of experience. Great after-sales service.


  • Bellow seal element. The key part of bellows sealed globe valve is the bellow, which is roll welded with stem assembly on the bottom, and is roll welded with connecting cover on the top, forming a metal barrier between the mediums and atmosphere, and ensuring there is no leakage from the stem packing.
  • Tapered design valve disc. Valve sealing seat and mediums are designed to streamline, the disc can remove the impurity with better sealing and long service life.
  • Double seal design (bellows + packing). If bellows seal is failed, the stem packing can take sealing effects, preventing of stem leakage.
  • Patented central location design. Prevent the stem from being with tremble or noise, making the bellows has stable performance and long service life.
  • Valve bonnet is with grease nipple, which can lubricate the valve stem, nuts and stem sleeve directly.
  • Ergonomic design hand wheel, long service life, easier operation, safe and reliability.
  • Compound valve casting technology. Sand is mixed with binder and other additives, which make the rough casting is with fewer defects, such like pore, trachoma or cracks, but better tensile strength.


  • Design & manufacturing: DIN 3356
  • Face to face: DIN 3202
  • Flanged ends: DIN 2543-2545
  • Inspection & testing: DIN 3230


  • PN1.6MPa / PN2.5MPa / PN4.0MPa
  • Size: 1/2″~16″ (DN15~DN400mm)
  • Materials: steel GS-C25, ductile iron GGG-40, 1.7363, stainless steel 1.4401, 1.4408, 1.4306, 1.4301
  • Applicable medium: water, hot oil, gas, steam
  • Applicable temperature: -29℃~+350℃


  • Petroleum
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemical fertilizer
  • Power plant
  • Textile
  • Printing & dyeing

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