Housed Inline Duckbill Check Valve

PN6 / PN10 / 150LB

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Housed Inline Duckbill Check Valve Descriptions

Housed inline duckbill check valve is also called rubber slow close check valve. Duckbill check valve, which has special structure like duckbill. It is one new water supply and drainage valve which has the function of discharge in positive direction while non-return in opposite direction. Housed inline type duckbill check valve is mounted into the pipe. Its shape and dimensions can be changed easily according to customer’s requests. In-line duckbill check valve is applicable widely to rain water, river water, sea water, slurry and industrial sewage. Flowspec Luokai can produce the housed inline duckbill check valve with size from DN150 (6″) to DN1200 (48″). Contact us today. Get the better prices. 30 years of experience. Great after-sales service.


  • Adopts all-rubber materials in which include reinforced fibers, which has simple structure, non-corrosive performance and no mechanical parts.
  • Has strong operating performance, which can provide efficient and silent operation without any more energy device, reducing operating costs.
  • Applicable to general operating conditions, and special conditions of wearing and corrosive mediums, such like water, sludge, and mud.
  • Excellent effects of prevent of back flow.
  • Duckbill check valve use differential pressure between its inside and outside to achieve open and close naturally, so that it’s the best choice of waste water drainage system and pipeline system.


  • Design & manufacturing: manufacturer’s standard
  • Face to face: manufacturer’s standard
  • Flanged ends: DIN PN10/16, ANSI150LB, JIS10K, and UNI EN1092 table D/E
  • Inspection & testing: manufacturer’s standard


  • PN6 / PN10 / PN16 / JIS10 / 150LB
  • Size: 6″~48″ (DN150~DN1200mm)
  • Materials: Pure Gum Rubber, Neoprene, Chlorobutyl,NBR, Polyurethane, Hypalon, Viton, EPDM


  • Waste water system
  • Drainage system
  • Dam drainage
  • Airport and highway water drainage
  • Sewage pool drainage
  • Odor separation
  • Sewers drainage
  • Aeration system
  • Pump station system

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